What is a perfect medical website?

As we are getting more and more dependent on technology for serving our purpose, the medical practitioners have started being tech-savvy and trying to have a website. Like other businesses, medical professionals need to advertise their services, board their client base and maintain relevance in the community.  Building a website is a complex process that may seem confusing sometimes. While the design principles can be similar to other websites, medical websites have to appeal to a very specific target group. Below there are the most important things to consider before designing a perfect medical website.

Give Customers Confidence

Nowadays people rely on the Internet for basic details about local businesses the way they used to rely on telephone books. A website is a perfect tool to give information to anyone researching your practice, experience in the field and history. Allowing your customers to have an additional layer of credibility will dramatically improve their confidence in your services.

More and more people, even those who need a doctor, are taking the time to educate themselves. With that being said, they are not going to accept the first referral from another medical practitioner without checking you and your services out. They need to make sure you’re qualified for their needs. Nowadays, a website is a great marketing tool for doctors, so give your possible customers some basic information about your professional abilities and practice.


Exposure, especially positive exposure, is something that medical professionals can’t afford to lose much. The easier your website is to find in local search results, the more exposure your services will have on the Internet when people are searching for a doctor in your community that matches your field of expertise. This gives you access to a wide range of possible customers who would never know about your services otherwise.

The first step in medical websites optimization is to determine what it is you’re going to optimize for. In other words, identify the keywords your target group is searching for. Take your time and think thoroughly about how your possible customers talk and what they search for. Remember, that if you’re not found, your competitors will take the chance. If you don’t know where to start, you can outsource the majority of tasks to professionals who will build a good-looking customized web site to serve your needs.

Effective design

Website design is not all about simple aesthetics. Without any doubts, visualization is important, but medical website is not a work of art. People come here to find information about your skills and practices as well as fulfill the needs. Admiring the appearance of a medical website is not something they will probably do.

A perfect design is the one that gives people what they want and lead them where they should go. Conversion power of your website – the ability to turn random visitors into customers – is the key element of the design.

Every small element of design has an opportunity to fulfill possible consumer needs and convert them into real customers:

  1. The color scheme should be eye-catching and attractive
  2. Navigation should allow people easily navigate through the website
  3. Images should be high-quality and interesting
  4. The text includes all necessary descriptions and instructions

However, at some point, you may want to have more stuff to be added and it’s totally unnecessary. Quite often loads of elements confuse people instead of making everything clear. So, stop thinking what else to add to your medical website and consider things that can be removed.


When you take away all images, fonts and colors, perfect site design is about structure. Our brains are able to put the pieces together in a logical way and find things that are expected to be found. Therefore, clear and logical website structure is a way to satisfy users.

As you may know, search engines prefer sites that are appealing to its users. If your website has low dwell time, it simply won’t be found. In a contrary, a site with great structure keeps users to stay longer and is found on search engines. Besides, website structure is essential for SEO success. It gives a strong SEO foundation that will result in increased traffic.


A medical website is a wonderful medium to educate possible and existing customers about the services you provide. Information is important for any website, but is a must for a medical professional. Your website is geared toward clients, and because of it, there should be regular updates that address the relevance of the field questions and topics. Do you know that more than 70% of all Internet users have searched the Internet to find information related to health? Keeping your medical website with knowledgeable content is a way for possible customers to see your understanding of the field, helping to increase your client base and build trust.

It’s also important to share critical information to help your existing customers leading healthier lives. It’s not only a goodwill gesture but also a great marketing for doctors since clients will not forget about your services in terms of need, they will remember that you provided them with helpful information and you can also deliver services they want. It’s a win-win situation for both the community you serve and your career.

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Web site optimization

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, ensures that people searching for your services will be able to easily find in your site. If implemented correctly, SEO also helps users search for your services and find them faster than competitor’s services. To avoid damaging your reputation, a team of professionals should take care of optimizing the site and putting the best SEO practices in place. The earlier you start the optimization process, the more benefits you get.

Mobile Optimization

Need to see a doctor? Is something aching? Most likely there is an app for that. Considering that the vast majority of people own a Smartphone today, it would be wrong not to optimize your website for different mobile devices. Through optimized medical websites, patients will have an easy way to access your medical services.

Integrate Social Media to your website

Your medical website should work in partnership with social media to promote your online presence and advertise your services. To start with, have social media buttons added to the site. It is a simple way to increase awareness and improve user experience. There is no need to insert buttons of all social media, choose only those that are important for you. Besides, include follow buttons if you have your social media accounts.

Social media is a perfect way to make random visitors of your site trust you more. Almost 80% of consumers trust social media as much as personal recommendations, so don’t hesitate to integrate social media widgets to increase customer conversions.

Make sure you’re not affecting your practice with an outdated website. Successful medical professionals don’t rely on old-school methods anymore. So step up your presence on the Internet by reaping the many benefits of a medical website.

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Building a website is a complex process. In this infographic you will find the most important things to consider before designing a perfect medical website…