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Digital Hermes is a global digital marketing agency specialising in healthcare. We commit to give physicians, medical groups, and clinics a path to the future by integrating technology and innovation with traditional medical practices. We help you create value, gain speed, grow patient satisfaction, improve profitability, and engage relationships with a ‘win-win’ mentality.

We work exclusively with medical practices to provide a complete range of services integral to the success of physicians, dentists, and other well-being specialties, with practices ranging from individuals to medical clinics to companies. You can expect the ultimate and integral solution from us, which will take your practice to the next level.

Digital Hermes provides strategic insights and innovative technology, which helps to build and sustain the success of doctors and medical organisations. We create integral solutions and advise on the issue of healthcare marketing, which enables physicians and medical organisations to do more, save time, reduce costs, and create patient loyalty.

We are pioneers in sophisticated services built on knowledge, research, and industry insights. Digital Hermes develops programs and solutions using a scientific communications approach, driven by data at the beginning, middle, and end combined with creativity, innovation, and optimum technologies.

Above all, our work is characterised by high ethics and best professional practices. We make sure we always deliver the best and use world-class healthcare services expertise that bridges every discipline and every channel.

Our Values

Regardless of the knowledge you may have of health, medicine, and technology, if it doesn’t fit in to the patient’s world, it will never be effective..
Our work takes seamless integration across multiple channels. We know there is a multiplier effect when communication and digital marketing work hand in hand, ensuring continuity across channels and around the world.
We use the latest innovations and technology to provide you with optimum services in digital marketing communication to wrap your needs in solutions that inspire, educate, inform, and entertain.
Digital Hermes brings together essential bodies of the latest knowledge, technology, and resources to help your organisation achieve success in the changing and evermore demanding healthcare industry.
Speed and context count in today’s world, requiring timely execution across every channel. Our teams identify emerging opportunities and implement them with authority.
To unlock your organisation’s potential requires excellence at every juncture – from market insights to message-delivery solutions; CME to results-driven creativity. That’s what you get with Digital Hermes, a world-class healthcare service expertise that bridges every discipline and every channel.

Our Mission

Our purpose is to help medical and well-being organisations to connect and communicate better with their patients by integrating technology and innovation with traditional medical practices a ‘win-win’ mentality.

Our Philosophy

As a health professional, doctor, dentist, or other well-being specialty, you shouldn’t be worried about any marketing matters. Digital Hermes takes care of all these issues so you can focus on your patients, save time, and successfully stand out from the crowd of medical services.